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Full Range High Resolution and Durable Display
High quality branding TFT LCD displays with high resolution and wide temperature range panels.
Winmate offers our marine Panel PC and display with screens ranging in size from 8.4" all the way
to 19".
Hyper Dimming
Marine grade computers may also encounter various lighting situations and most of our displays use
hyper dimming technology that able to control backlight brightness linearly from nearly 0% to 100%
by dimming knob. It is perfectly fits for outdoor and dark environment.
Sunlight readable
We use display which compromise between transmissive and reflective (transflective) technologies.
Transflective LCD modules hold both transmissive and reflective properties, and the method of image
display depends upon the conditions of the ambient environment. The display uses a backlight with a
transmissive property in dark environments, and uses external light with a reflective property in bright
environments. Our improved transflective method allows for better color performance, which provides
excellent color
Anti Corrosion and IP-Proof
Physically, Winmate's Marine grade panels have powder coated aluminum housings designed for panel
mounting, with VESA mounting available as well. The sturdy aluminum housing has anti corrosion
protection and carries an IP54 sealing rating with certain front panel options rated at IP65.
Compact & Usable Front Panel Control
Front access panel control available on Winmate Marine Panel PC and display. This provides an easy
access point for adjusting brightness, turn on/off the display.
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